• * The process is fast. Average time the rig is on the well is only two days
  • *  Cuts a one inch diameter hole horizontally up to 300 feet from the well bore
    *  Lateral holes can be drilled at several levels
  •  *  Increases production rate and recoverable reserves from marginal wells
  • *  Improves injection rates in water disposal/injection wells
  • Allows directional treatment of wells e.g. acid, steam, CO2, etc.

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Well Enhancement Services of Oklahoma

WES-OK is the licensee for the patented Radial Jet Enhancement process "RJE" for the state of Oklahoma. 

RJE uses a coiled-tubing unit coupled with a downhole shoe set at the precise part of a formation to jet horizontal laterals using a fluid to match the characteristics of the formation for best results up to 300 feet in multiple directions.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Lower well operating costs, combined with the resulting optimized oil production from the enhanced well means previously unrecoverable oil can now be recovered efficiently and economically. The target market is indeed large since it is estimated that 87% of the known oil reserves in the United States remain abundant in the ground.